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Take the Ultimate Jazz Guitar Master Class with the 'Vic Juris: All That Jazz' DVD


Take the ultimate jazz master class with Guitar World columnist Vic Juris and the Vic Juris: All That Jazz DVD. These video lessons teach you everything from Coltrane changes to unusual uses for the minor pentatonic scale, and they including standard notation and tab.

With more than 90 minutes of lessons, All That Jazz is guaranteed to improve your jazz-playing skills. Buy this DVD now at the Guitar World Online Store for $14.95!

The DVD includes:

• Chapter 1: Best of Both Worlds: Improvising with the Lydian-dominant scale
• Chapter 2: Alternative Routes: Implying a tritone substitution over a ii-V-I progression
• Chapter 3: Any Color You Like: Creating modal chord scales from interval stacks
• Chapter 4: Inner Stirrings: Creating movement within a chord voicing
• Chapter 5: Smooth Moves: Step-wise voice leading in a cyclical chord progression
• Chapter 6: Made for Guitar: Cool and unusual applications of the pentatonic scale
• Chapter 7: Blues Detours, Part 1: "Extreme" chord substitutions for the first four bars of the blues progression
• Chapter 8: Blues Detours, Part 2: "Extreme" chord substitutions for bars 9-12 of the blues progression
• Chapter 9: Blues Detours, Park 3: Applying "extreme" chord substitutions to the first and last four bars of the blues progression
• Chapter 10: Blues Matrix: Applying "constant-structure" chord qualities across the 12-bar blues form
• Chapter 11: Out of Dorian: Shifting fourths in and out of the Dorian mode
• Chapter 12: Take Your Pick: Comparing and combining alternate picking, sweeping and slurring
• Chapter 13: Onward & Upward: Transposing melodic sequences through the cycle of fourths
• Chapter 14: New Pathways: Sequencing arpeggios with double-stops and Coltrane changes.

The DVD is available now at the Guitar World Online Store.

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