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12 Days of Holiday Deals from Guitar World: Day 10 — Get the Ultimate Wild Metal DVD Pack for $15


Today is Day 10 of our third annual 12 Days of Holiday Deals Sale at the Guitar World Online Store!

You can expect a great new deal every day, including today's deal:

Get the Ultimate Wild Metal Pack (three DVDs) for only $15! Get three metal DVDs for the price of one!

Heavy Metal Hybrid Picking

Guitar World's instructional DVD Heavy Metal Hybrid Picking features Dave Davidson, with over 60 minutes of instructional lessons you'll learn how to combine sweep picking with fingerpicking, one-note-per-string arpeggios, and hybrid picking double-steps. Plus access to:

• Zakk Wylde-style chicken pickin' techniques
• "Jimi Hendrix-chord" arpeggio rolls
• Hammer-ons, open strings, palm muting and note clusters
• Wide-interval licks with string skipping
• Legato seventh-chord arpeggios
• Whole-tone and diminished scale runs
• Blues organ licks

Metal and Thrash Rhythm Guitar

Learn the secret techniques of metal’s greatest riffmasters:

• Gallop and reverse-gallop rhythms in the styles of bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer
• Palm muting and chugging
• Double and quadruple picking
• Machine-gun-like bursts punctuated by “holes of silence”
• Chromatic alternate-picking exercises
• Chord stabs and jabs
• Power chord riffs with pedal tones
• String skipping, raking and fret-hand muting
• Natural-and pinch-harmonic “squeals”
• Integrating riffing up and down one string with fret-hand muting
• Stacked power chords, and much more!

John Petrucci's Wild Stringdom

Guitar World's instructional DVD, Wild Stringdom by John Petrucci featuring Dream Theater's frontman. This master lead guitarist shows you:

• Prog-style shred runs
• Melodic shapes
• Scale and arpeggio patterns
• Unusual fretboard paths

This DVD is an exclusive to the Guitar World Online Store--you won't find this anywhere else!

Head to the Guitar World Online Store now!

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