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Five Fabulous Acoustic Duets — Video


Are two really better than one?

They are when it comes to these duets!

Here amazing performers pair up for some fabulous acoustic playing that is double the fun.

Got a favorite creative couple of your own? Please clue me in!

And check ‘em out here!

Rodrigo y Gabriela

These two have built their entire career on the duet direction. And it works!

With a background in metal paired with an aggressively classical sensibility, Mexican duo Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have really pinned down what makes a duet great. That sense of complimenting each other’s strengths so perfectly.

These two have so many videos to choose from it’s hard to pick just one.

Here’s a sick acoustic performance with a really great video for their song “Hanuman.” This song appears on their album 11:11.

Acoustic Gangsters: Josef Scheiner and Peter Luha

I love their name, Acoustic Gangsters! I love everything about this.

Here’s a very cool duet of acoustic guitar and mandolin.

It’s an original composition for Piazzolla by mandolinist Jozef Scheiner from his instrumental solo mandolin album Perinmama.

The instruments used in the video include a Godin A8 mandolin and an acoustic Klema guitar (recorded through K&K Trinity sound system).

Find out more at Peterluha.com and www.facebook.com/pages/Jozef-Scheiner/1404346406451126

Tommy Emmanuel and Jake Shimabukuro

Two masters of their instruments paired together? You betcha!

Here the incomparable Tommy Emmanuel gets together with ukulele legend Jake Simabukuro for this touching performance.

Both of these artists partner for performances quite a bit and this pairing makes so much sense.

Here they perform George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

Tracy Bundy and Sungha Jung

I recently came across the genius of Sungha Jung, and he is simply mesmerizing to watch.

Hailing from South Korea, this young guitarist started early and got a boost from his fabulous videos on YouTube.

Here he pairs with Trace Bundy from Boulder, Colorado, also known as “The Acoustic Ninja.”

Their performance here of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” is inspired!

Gabriella Quevedo and Salomon Jakobsson

What is it about the name Gabriella? Are they all fabulous guitarists? This one is!

Another YouTube sensation, the teenaged Gabriella Quevedo calls Sweden her home. Her Argentinian dad was the one who influenced her to pick up the guitar.

Her partner here, Salomon Jakobsson, started playing violin at age 10 but switched to guitar when he turned 13. Currently 19, he also hails from Sweden.

Here they perform “Fake” by Depapepe

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